Mutant Embryo Records | Archaïa – Harmonie Solaire | MER – Promo video
Record label focusing on electro & not only oddities with analogue sound specialized in hidden occult treasures from past & future.
Psychedelic, Experimental, Avant-Garde, Electro, Obscure, Freak-Out, Hybrid, Mystical, Occult, Psych, Synthwave, Weird, Ritual, Divine, Explosive, Insane
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Archaïa – Harmonie Solaire | MER – Promo video

Mutant Embryo Records is proud to announce the release of Archaïa’s 2nd & last LP!! Following their debut release, the homonymous LP from 1977, ‘Harmonie Solaire’ is the last ever recordings the band made in 2013 with the authentic line-up of Michel Munier & Pierrick Le Bras.
An historical past versus an uncertain future, a trip to occult sessions, weird creatures & robots from a parallel universe through the eerie sound of this zeuhlish/experimental duo. Haunting vocals, vintage synths, acid guitars & electronics are among others the basic elements composing the album’s atmosphere.
The audio material was arranged, mixed & mastered by Spiros Rouchotas at Kosmic Studio for the final outcome.

Coming December 2021 on vinyl, limited edition of 250 numbered copies.