Mutant Embryo Records | Archaïa – 2 NEW RELEASES !!!
Record label focusing on electro & not only oddities with analogue sound specialized in hidden occult treasures from past & future.
Psychedelic, Experimental, Avant-Garde, Electro, Obscure, Freak-Out, Hybrid, Mystical, Occult, Psych, Synthwave, Weird, Ritual, Divine, Explosive, Insane
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Archaïa – 2 NEW RELEASES !!!

For the first time after 45 years Mutant Embryo Records is proud to announce the release of Archaïa’s 1976 LOST TAPE!! Band’s first ever recordings which meant to be the precursor of their legendary ‘Archaïa’ 1977 debut LP.
Played & recorded by the initial members Michel Munier & Pierrick Le Bras, on Revox R-t-R recorder, long before Philippe Bersan’s arrival, this tape provides a sacramental & ritual aspect Archaïa’s duet expressed at the time! The absolute environment of primitive paganism, rite & worship!
Rumor has it, the tape was sold on a flea market by Pierrick for unknown reasons…However, no matter what rumors say, Mutant Embryo Records is thrilled to have unburied this tape for the first time after almost half a century!!!
Engineered & mastered by Spiros Rouchotas at Kosmic Studio.
Lacquer cut, superb dynamics, analog sound playing loud!
Artwork, design & layout by Spiros Rouchotas.

Mutant Embryo Records proudly presents for the first time the release of Archaïa’s eerie 2nd album!! Following their homonymous 1977 debut LP, ‘Harmonie Solaire’ is the last ever recordings the band made in 2013 with the authentic line-up of Michel Munier & Pierrick Le Bras.
Obscure myths & legends with enigmatic symbols from the past versus an unpredictable future, a trip to occult sessions, weird creatures, robots from a parallel universe through the ‘sui generis’ sound of this zeuhlish / experimental duo. Haunting vocals, vintage synths, acid guitars & electronics are among others the basic elements composing the album’s atmosphere, originally presented on this limited vinyl edition!!
The audio material was arranged, mixed & mastered by Spiros Rouchotas at Kosmic Studio for the final outcome.
Lacquer cut dynamics, quality sound!